How to mute Incoming Calls without even pressing a button

How to mute Incoming Calls without even pressing a button

How to mute Incoming Calls without even pressing a button

Unexpected calls can come at any time, and turning them off requires some fiddling with your phone and can take a while in certain situations. Thankfully, Android smartphones Have a gesture that allows users to turn off the sound of a phone by simply flipping their phone. Here's how to utilize "flip to mute" on Android.

You're attending a conference or presentation, lecture or even a concert. The whole room is focused on the event until its most important moment. The main speaker, or performer, has entered the "zone," ready to bring the event to a close. Everyone is excited. Then, the phone rings and a loud ringing replaces the hard-earned focus with irritation.

If you don't wish to become like the person, who ruined a Haydn concert by using his ringtone and ringtone, you must use this hidden Android feature. Often referred to as "flip to mute," this feature lets you quickly mute incoming calls by placing your phone to face the surface.

Generally speaking, telephone calls "flip me over," so I try to minimize my contact with others via more annoying messaging apps; however, this might not be the ideal solution for everyone. So here is how to block the phone call by flipping your phone.


How do you utilize "flip to mute" on Android phones

Based on the skin, the special features of this feature might vary. On some phones, the feature can be turned off for all notifications. In other phones, it can only block the ringing sound of incoming calls, as well as the vibration as well as it will also stop the blinking light (if you have it activated.) So if you don't want to find yourself on the wrong side of situations, be sure you read the specifics of the feature.

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The majority of Android 12 phones will be able to see this on this route:

  • Open Settings, then scroll to the bottom of the page to locate System Settings.
  • Tap on Gestures & motions.
  • Switch the switch flip to incoming mute calls.

However, as this route could differ significantly (In MIUI 12.5, I discovered this feature hidden within Settings > Applications > System App Settings and settings for calls > settings to make inbound calls), I'd recommend just searching for the word "flip" within the settings search bar.

Finally, be sure to go over the specifications of the feature. As like I mentioned earlier, the quality may differ between devices. That's it! Now you can completely ignore annoying calls by switching off your device. No buttons, no hassle, no stress! Enjoy.

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