How To React With Emoji To Any WhatsApp Text

How To React With Emoji To Any WhatsApp Text

How To React With Emoji To Any WhatsApp Text

WhatsApp is among those instant messaging apps that you can find on your new Android and iOS smartphone. Computer and laptop users are heavily relying on the Meta-owned Instant messaging platform. WhatsApp has constantly been receiving new tools and services in updates that improve the user experience. WhatsApp is a feature that has taken some elements borrowed from Facebook and Instagram. One of the latest features that WhatsApp introduced is the reaction of messages. This feature has been for a long time, as it was a homage to Instagram and Facebook and Instagram.

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WhatsApp Message Emoji Reaction Feature: How To React To Any Message On WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has worked on its message response feature for some time. The quality was initially in the testing phase and was only available in an earlier beta release. However, WhatsApp has started rolling out the stable version in a phasing method, and users will be able to get the ability to reply to messages shortly.

The latest update to the feature means that WhatsApp customers can now respond with various Emojis. At present, users are allowed to reply to messages. The ability to respond to any text was absent for a long time. Due to its booming popularity, WhatsApp has finally brought this feature to users on a massive scale. What exactly are you required to do to utilize the emoji reaction feature of WhatsApp? Here are the steps to follow:


How Can You React To Any Message With Emojis On WhatsApp?

Step 1. To utilize the emoji reaction feature in WhatsApp messaging, you require the most recent version of WhatsApp running on your phone. If your phone already have WhatsApp installed, check if it's up-to-date with the most current version. The manual update can be completed using the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Step 2.From the WhatsApp home page, click on any chat window where you would like to use the emoji feature.

Step 3.  Hold and press the text message you would like to react to using an emoticon. You'll see the option to emoji pop up. Select the emoji you would like to use to react. This is all you have to do to respond to any message that contains an emoji on WhatsApp.

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