How to Stop Your iPhone from Automatically Going to Sleep

How to Stop Your iPhone from Automatically Going to Sleep


You're halfway into reading an essay on an iPhone, and the display disappears. In frustration, you open the article, only to have the screen disappear completely. It shouldn't be necessary to keep tapping the screen to prevent your iPhone from falling asleep. You can, however, slow down or stop your iPhone from sleeping by a couple of tappings.

The answer is easy. To begin, you must open your Settings app, click "Display & Brightness," and then "Auto-Lock." You'll be able to select from seven choices. Six of these choices reflect the time iOS will be waiting for any activity before putting your iPhone to sleep. The options are 30 seconds, one minute, 2 minutes, three minutes, four minutes, or 5 minutes. "Never" will tell iOS not to let your iPhone sleep.

If you own one of the iPhone X-style devices and you're not aware of how frustrating this problem can be. While most iPhones go to sleep automatically after a set time of inactivity, iPhones with Face ID constantly monitor your focus. If it sees you staring at your phone, it'll consider that an activity. Contact ID (home button) iPhones do not have this feature, so while you're gazing at your iPhone, it will begin to fall asleep after a set amount of time.

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