Jio Call History – How to Check Jio Call History of Other Number

Jio Call History – How to Check Jio Call History of Other Number

Your Jio Login Call History with no OTP
Jio's Call History is a piece of information that gives a complete history of outgoing and incoming phone calls. It is an inventory of all calls you've answered, made, or missed.

Essentially, Jio call history gives details of the call, including who the caller is calling, the number, the kind of call (incoming, outgoing, inbound, or missed), and the time, date, and duration.

Sometimes, it's also filled with important information like recordings of texts, text messages, locations, and GPS coordinates of another person.

This tutorial will show you how to find Jio call history online by 2022.

In fact,

These are the same techniques you can apply to look up Jio call history for any other number without OTP (One One Time Password).

If you're looking for Jio information about other numbers with no OTP, you'll appreciate this updated guide.

Reasons to Check Jio Call Details

Here are some key scenarios in which you may be interested in obtaining the call history for a Jio phone number within India:

·    Be aware of your child's information regarding their calls to avoid an unpleasant situation

·    Be aware of your spouse's or a friend's activity

When accessing another's Jio call history online, you must be extremely cautious because it may contain sensitive information. Therefore, you must obtain permission before taking any action.

How to Check Jio Call History in 2022

As of now, you are aware of what Jio is calling the past and its advantages.

However, the issue is that many people aren't aware of how to verify Jio phone numbers on their smartphones, particularly when you get the latest SIM card or aren't experienced with your phone.

Below, you will find ways to accomplish this:

1.    Cocospy - All Time Call History of Any Jio Number

  •     The first step is creatinga Cocospy account using your Android or iPhone device.

                                    Cocospy's Android Spy OR Cocospy's iPhone Spy

·    After that, you must enter your email address and password. Finally, tap the sign-up button.

·    Choose the device type of the Jio calls history you wish to review.

·    Choose the plan according to your needs. You can pick the Premium plan because it costs only $9.99 per month when you sign up for twelve months. Premium plans also allow users to view their Whatsapp messages and their phone's location at any time.

·    Once you have selected the plan, make the payment using a credit, debit card, or PayPal.

·    After that, type in the Jio number into the box, then tap the submit button to access the complete call history for any Jio number.

1.    Check Call History Using MyJio App (My Jio Login Call History)

·    Install first the My Jio app on your Android or iPhone device.

·    After you have opened the app, it will prompt users to enter a Jio number, then tap the Generate OTP button.

·    Within a matter of seconds, you'll receive an OTP via your mobile phone, and the app will instantly log in.

·    Click on the Check Usages button, and there you can see diverse sections, including Data calls, SMS, and Wi-Fi.

·    Select the Calls section; here, you will find the call details for the past three days

·    If you are using a PC, visit the official website (, and all the above steps will be the same.

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