Winater : Best Windows Application for Resize and compress images

Winater : Best Windows Application for Resize and compress images

Winater - Photo Resizer for Windows computers

Photo Resizer is a simple to use, free download(Personal and Commercial use) application that runs on Windows PC. The application doesn't require any installation procedure. It's a simple download and the program. 

Winater : Best Windows Application for Resize and compress images

Its size is so tiny that it can be stored on an external pen drive, making it a plug-and-play application. This application can be used to quickly resize images, reduce the size of Files, and change the resolution. Images can be loaded using drag and drop as well. The program can load jpeg images, images in jpg, png TIFF, BMP, and jpeg. It is easy to include text at the end of images. It supports the resizing with millimeters, pixels, and millimeters. Works on Windows 7,8 & 10. There are no ads or watermarks.

> Photo Resizer to apply tests

Resize your photos, signatures, and fingerprints when filling out online exam application forms. It is simple to insert the name and date onto photos. Contrary to online websites for image resizing, you can alter the size of images without uploading photographs, personal signatures, and fingerprints.

> Photo Resizer to scan images or documents

Most scanned documents or photos typically come with an enormous file size because of their high dpi in scanning. It can easily possible to reduce the size of the file by altering the dimensions to precise units such as cm/mm, altering the dpi value to 300 (for excellent print quality), and setting the desired maximum size of the file. Thus, you can create a more manageable image file to store or attachment to an email.

> Photo Resizer to help Website developers

The latest trends in web design require website developers to use images with high resolution as part of web design. However, high-resolution images consume lots of bandwidth and increase websites' loading time. Our photo resizer can reduce file size but not lose any visual quality.

Windows Application for Resize and compress images

Why Winater is best for Image to resize and compress? 

  • Neat, Clean and simple Application 
  • Easiness of usage High-speed processing 
  • Can Resize the dimensions as per the requirement based on Pixel, cm, mm 
  • Can Compress to required File Size 
  • Can easily add Text below the Photo

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