Find and Delete invisible App cause automatic popup Ads in Android

  Android mobile users, of us, commonly face the big issue popping up of irritating ads without using any apps. This is caused by some of the malware apps installed on your mobile, which make money for their owner by publishing many ads without the mobile owner's permission.

The real problem with this is showing the unwanted item in the ads, if we are near to others this will break the trust towards us, this type of ad comes while we are doing some important things, which may interrupt our work.

Find and Delete invisible App cause automatic popup Ads in Android

As I said above these ads are created by a hided app, which will not visible in our Mobile Apps settings. Most of us try to clean and clear our browser history listed of finding the real villain. All of us think its because of the cookies and history of our browsers. This post will help you to find the Invivsle App which creates unwanted Popping das in your Mobile.

Follow the step below to Find and Uninstall Invisible App on your Mobile

How to Find and Uninstall invisible Apps?

1. First of all, switch on your Mobile Data

Now wait for the next Popup Ads to Perform on your Mobile

3. Open the Malwarebytes Application

4. Select the Menu Bar on the Top left corner

5. Now select Recent Apps
6. You can find the last opened App on your Mobile

 Since the Popup Ads were created just a few seconds before, the Invisible app will be visible here, may be without any Logo, Click on the App and Uninstall it from your Mobile. Now your Mobile is safe from unwanted popping ads.

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