Google Contact : Backup your contact to Google automatically - Contact Auto Sync

Google Contact : Backup your contact to Google automatically - Contact Auto Sync

 Our contact list is precious to us, Most important mobile numbers will be saved on that. Most of us save all our business contacts in our Mobile contact list. Somehow getting deletion of contact numbers will feel like losing a life. Even some people save their bank account numbers in the contact list. Our contact list may be missed for many reasons like Formatting Mobile or devices, deleting by kids during play, Missing of Mobile, etc... Unknowingly missing these contact lists will make us irritated. 

This post will teach you to Protect your whole contact list from losing it unknowingly from your android mobile or other android devices. By following the correct steps you can sync your total contact list with your email in google drive, so all the contact will be saved to Google, which you can access from anywhere in the world if you have internet. So let's move to the Steps to backup your contact to Google Drive automatically.

Saving Contact in your mobile or tablet will not sync the list with your email, you need to switch on that to start a sync with Google.

How to enable Mobile Contact Syncing with Google email

1. For Android Devices, Go to Settings.

2. Select the Account option.

3. Then look for your Google account (Gmail), in which the contact has to be sync.

4. Go into Account Sync

5. Make sure the contact is checked

6. Open the contact app in your Device

7. Tap on the 3-line menu button.

8. Select Settings in the Option visible to you.

9. Click on Google Contacts sync settings.

10. Under Also sync device contacts, select Manage Settings.

11. Toggle on Automatically backup & sync device contacts.

Following the above steps will start to sync your contact with your selected email, so deleting contact from your mobile will not lose the contact, you can take it back from the email. If you don't have a contact application on your mobile you can download it from the play store using this link.

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