How to Backup and restore In WhatsApp

How to Backup and restore In WhatsApp

How to Backup and restore In WhatsApp Tutorial

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in our daily life. Every person will have a WhatsApp application on their phone. Sometimes we have to back up and restore all things in WhatsApp to another phone it's is easy but some doesn't know how to back up and restore. WhatsApp will only store the data until we see the message we have to take care of our chats and images through either google drive backup or local backup.

Backup and restore In WhatsApp

Google Drive backup is the greatest way to back up than local backup. having a colossal backup size may sometimes make it difficult in restoring the data for some users due to a limited amount of data plan.

What's app Provide an excellent local back up but most people don't use the WhatsApp backup. Most of them are not familiar with it. Most of them were using some mod WhatsApp which are not secure high danger also these mod apps have not much privacy policies.

So this guide will help to use the official WhatsApp Local backup and restore method step by step.

Step 1

1. Open WhatsApp

2. Click On Three Dot On Right side

3. Take Chat Backup

4. Click On Backup

You Can See the latest backup time to internal storage and google drive from there itself. Adjust Google drive backup settings here.

Step 2

  • After completing the Backup, Go To Internal storage and Compress the WhatsApp folder. After compressing the folder copy it into PC or other external option.

Step 3

  • Send The Compressed file from the PC into your phone or format and extract it.


  • Install WhatsApp on new mobile. Give All permission for WhatsApp by going into the phone settings.

Step 5

  • Open WhatsApp And Verify your Number with OTP. If You Are Using Local backup click on not now. The next page will show you internal backup in the storage and click on restore.

Step 6

  • You Have To manually turn on permission to access the contact for the WhatsApp application when we restore. You can turn on it by going to your phone settings or just long-press on the WhatsApp app icon to get its settings.

Through These Steps, we have completed the WhatsApp backup tutorial. We hope you had understood my steps and article...Thanks for Reading...

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