How to market your YouTube channel | Top 5 Ways For Beginners

How to market your YouTube channel | Top 5 Ways For Beginners

How to market your YouTube channel

Nowadays, getting more subscribers and views on YouTube is very hard today. how to get more views easily in YouTube for beginners. Actually this is a guide for beginners. did you know that YouTube is the second most visited website in the world? For everything, people go to the YouTube. 
How to market your YouTube channel

Many of the YouTubers are living using income from YouTube. When we get 1k subscribers and 4000 watch hours AdSense will approve. according to views, we will get income from AdSense.

1. Create YouTube Channel 

Create YouTube channel with unique name so when people searches your channel will be at top.
fill your essential details about your channel in the about section. 

  • Nice description about your channel
  • Give your A new Email and Physical Details
  • Give your other social media links (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc..)

Then Think for branding Your channel. Give icon and channel banner image. give watermarks for your video. So no one will reupload your video.

2. Make a Content calendar

Don't upload all videos in one day. make a content calendar. daily one video is the best option for beginners. make sure that upload videos at the same time. 5 pm is the best time  to upload videos in YouTube. just not like any other social medias you need consistency in video uploading.

3. Publish Quality Content 

YouTube is currently have 50 million creators. between these creators, you have to get popularized.
try to create rare videos in YouTube that's make more marketing YouTube and also increase the views of the video. most importantly you have to use a nice video editor with more features.

4. Titles and Thumbnail

Even you upload a rare content title makes your video more marketing. Title and thumbnail makes your video makes more perfect. Make Attractive thumbnails and titles. It should attract Viewers.
Give short titles. Give most searching words on YouTube in title option. Use best editing apps for making thumbnails to make them more attractive. 

5. Partner With Influencers

If you are new to the YouTube platform and need an instant boost to your videos try to paid collaborate with influencers. try for someone who belongs to you or an nice influencer who have more potential customers. such collaborations make you more instant boot to your views and subscribers.

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