How to download whatsapp status without any app

How to download whatsapp status without any app

How to download WhatsApp status

we can download other's WhatsApp statuses without using any application. This is a simple way that everyone can do it. WhatsApp Status is popular feature of WhatsApp But in WhatsApp there is no option to download statuses. So I found new way to download status to your gallery. It's a good thing that update your statuses so your loved one's get updated. 
Download whatsapp status without any app

Many people use this way for uploading WhatsApp statuses on YouTube. You can easily download other's statuses and post on your status. You don't need to ask theme to get it.

Download WhatsApp Status Without Any Application

  • Open WhatsApp and watch status you have to download
  • Open File manager in your mobile phone
  • Go to Internal Storage 
  • Open WhatsApp Folder
  • Open Media folder
  • In media folder open 'statuses' folder

This folder is a hidden folder in our mobile which saves statuses, so if you cant find the folder, you need to tick mark the View option for Hidden folder from the settings of FileManager.  

This folder will automatically save statuses that you had seen in WhatsApp. you can share these status videos to any social media. 

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