5 Ways to Snap Windows on macOS with Ease

5 Ways to Snap Windows on macOS with Ease

Hello MacOS users! Apple created a remarkably smooth way to use Split-screen if you're looking to move quickly from one end of the screen to another. The most frequently missed feature in Mac is Snapping Windows, in which you can move a window into the corner or the edge of your screen.

Users have to depend on third-party software in order to access this feature on MacOS. In some cases, locking windows can be so simple that you don't ever think of it.

5 Ways to Snap Windows on macOS with Ease

However, if you want to Snap Windows on macOS to certain edges or to specific locations in the display, or would like windows that stay snapped there are a variety of methods to accomplish this.

If you're looking to make the most of the snapping of windows on your Mac you're in the right spot. This article will go through the top software available to snap windows using macOS.

Methods for you to Snap Windows on macOS


Rectangle is a no-cost to use application that lets you snap active windows in the macOS device. Rectangle allows users to snap windows using the keyboard shortcut.

Rectangle is a breeze to use, and users don't have to keep track of the various keys or shortcuts. There are many applications which do the same but Rectangle is the best because it's free and unlike other applications, and is focused on simply shifting windows around.

I believe Rectangle is among the top programs for snapping the windows onto your Mas device. It's open source and free of charge and allows you to customize keyboard shortcuts.



There's been a time. You're working on a project on your Mac and you're trying to access a program that is that is on the Windows partition. You don't have the time to restart and instead search for a solution. This time, I'll show you how to utilize a useful tiny tool known as Hookshot to take a picture of the Windows in your Mac easily.

It's a simple software application that speeds up Snapping of windows. You can set up every Window actions with a swift cursor move, or a simple the modifier key.

Hookshot lets you snap windows using an easy cursor movement and the modifier key combination. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface that permits users to speed-forward to the next Window actions.



If you're an avid Mac user, you've surely experienced the massively well-known app Magnet. The app is widely used by millions of users for snapping windows or applications on their Macs within a matter of minutes. It's as easy as that. However, while it's extremely easy to utilize, many users complain that it lacks options to customize it to their specific preferences.

Snap is a brand new method for working on Mac. It combines the windows that are open in one, so that you can work on several applications at the same time without losing your spot. It's the best all-in-one windowing experience for the Mac. It's so intuitive, it's like it's effortless.

You can utilize the Magnet software included with your computer to snap windows side-by-side either above or below or next to one in your Mac.

It's a fantastic method of viewing multiple windows simultaneously and is extremely helpful for comparing two spreadsheets, documents or presentations side-by-side. The following programs will assist to create and manage several windows in your Mac.

But, you might be annoyed in the event that you need the windows to be snapped into an alternative arrangement to the standard.



There are 28 simple gestures within Swish which will enhance your workflow and turn you into an expert on the trackpad. To quit, pinch to close or minimize or pinch out to expand the screen, double-tap to hide - you'll be able to manage everything using simple gestures.

With Swish it is possible to blend several windows into one seamless grid. It automatically aligns windows to make sure they appear perfectly matched while also reducing clutter on your workspace. You can use as many apps and folders as you want.

It's a set commands that allow you to resize as well as order and compress windows into flexible spaces as well as tiles. They can be used to improve the efficiency of windows, making them more elegant, and attractive. It is possible to move windows across several workspaces and manage them using simple gestures sliding in the direction you want to.

There are a lot of small extra details that make Swish better including support for multiple desktops as well as multiple screens.


Snap tool with better quality

With BetterSnapTool It is possible to change the size of windows by simply dragging them to any side or corner of your screen. This lets you maximize windows, close them to each other, or even change the size of them.

In addition, BetterSnapTool now enables you to design any type of custom snap area any location on your screen and also to create specific keyboard shortcuts that allow you to move and change the size of your windows.

It's extremely helpful for software development and daily use. Apart from being able to place window elements exactly to where need it to be, it's simple to use.


When you need to work with multiple applications at the same time there is nothing that can beat the speed of MacOS's multi-window capabilities. However, if you are using Windows often it can be a hassle to switch between different operating systems.

This is where macOS's latest capability to snap Windows together comes into play. You can now use the full capabilities of macOS to operate in several apps at the same time regardless of the operating system, macOS as well as Windows.

If you're an experienced user or are just beginning to learn about macOS snapping windows is a fantastic method to communicate using your PC. It's particularly useful if you have a multi-monitor setup as you can make windows that are side-by-side to expand your windows' working space.

Snapping windows is simple to perform with just a couple of clicks, however there are different ways to get the same results and some are more straightforward to learn. I hope this article can provide you with useful tips.

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