How to Make Siri Say Whatever You Want Every Time You Connect Your iPhone to a Charger

How to Make Siri Say Whatever You Want Every Time You Connect Your iPhone to a Charger


When your iPhone is in Ring mode, it will sound Apple's iconic "Connect Power" chime when you connect it to either a wireless or wired energy source that lets the user know when charging has begun. It's impossible to deactivate the sound without turning off Silent mode. However, there's a way to enable Siri automatically announce anything you'd like following the connection is successful.

This trick was previously used to create a customized music or sound play every time the iPhone is disconnected or connected from a charging. But having your iOS device say a word or phrase each when Power is detected could be a better alternative with Apple's charger "connect_power.caf" chime.

Any idea your mind can imagine could be the message your iPhone can tell you audibly when connected or off electricity. The news could come from a humorous line from a popular movie or a line from your favorite track, or an inspiring quote that you'd like to hear repeatedly throughout the day. This effect can even be heard if the iPhone is in Silent mode, meaning it doesn't require you to be able to listen to an emitted sound.

Setting it up is as simple as creating automation within shortcuts. It also works with iPadOS, which means that your iPad can talk to you while charging.


·    iOS 14 or higher: The guide is based on the automated feature that first became available in iOS 14. So if you're running iOS 14 or iOS 15, you're in good shape.

·    Shortcuts application: If you've deleted it for reasons, re-install it on App Store. App Store.


Start a New Automation

Navigate towards go to the "Automation" tab in the Shortcuts app, and then click the "plus" (+) sign, followed by "Create Personal Automation" to begin. If you can't see the plus sign (+), click "Create Personal Automation" instead.

Choose the 'Charger' Trigger

It is necessary to trigger a trigger to initiate the process; in this case, it's the moment it is time to connect the phone to a source of Power. Go through your list of triggers and then select "Charger," then choose one of the options based on what you're trying to accomplish:

·    Check "Is Connected" only if you wish Siri to talk when it is first charging.

·    Check "Is Disconnected" only if you wish for Siri to speak to you when you cease charging.

·    Do both if you would like Siri to talk during charging and when it stops.

·    Click "Next" to proceed.

Add the 'Speak Text' Action

The only thing you have to add is the step to your automation to ensure that Siri can speak at any time your device connects to a charging station or power outlet or both.

Select "Add Action" or the search bar and enter "Speak." You'll see "Speak Text" appear near the top of the list. Click it and add this action.

Click on the blue "Text" bubble within the Speak Text action box to choose the words you would like Siri to say when the automation is running. It can be as short or as you'd like. Capitalization does not affect how Siri speaks, and you can write your text in either lower or uppercase letters. However, punctuation does matter. For instance, you can use commas for an instant pause or use the question mark to make it sound like an inquiry.

If you'd like to alter the voice, alter the language, or alter the volume and rate of the way your iPhone will talk to you, tap " Show More" (iOS 14) or the Arrow icon (iOS 15) and then customize them to your preference. You can press the play icon to see how the voice will sound.

If you'd like to automate the process to perform more tasks than talking to Siri, you can include additional actions. For instance, you can make Siri speak and then have a tune or sound effects play just after. Also, you can consist of another "Wait" action to make Siri speak after a specified amount of time following the disconnect or connection to Power.


Disable 'Ask Before Running'

After you've adjusted the action (or actions), after which you click "Next," toggle off "Ask Before Running," and then confirm by tapping "Don't Ask" on the prompt. In this way, you won't get asked by Shortcuts to start the automation each time it's activated, which isn't the point of the majority of automation. If you are using iOS 15.4 or later, ensure a setting in place that says " Notify When Run" is turned off to ensure that you don't receive any unneeded alerts.

Finally, click "Done," and your automation is now complete.

Connect Your iPhone to Power

It doesn't matter if it's connected to an iPhone to a Lightning cable or wireless charger or if the settings on your iPhone are configured to Silent or Ring. You'll hear Siri speak when your device is connected to electricity or disconnected from Power and both (depending on the option you choose). A notification will be displayed to inform you that the automated process is in operation and then the words you entered. Below, you can view the automatic process at work when connecting to a Lightning cable connected to an adapter for Power.


·    Issue: When connected to an AC charger when connected to charger, it is reported that the Speak Text volume is barely audible. This can happen even if it is a good sound when you preview it within the automation and even if you have the importance of your Media and Ringers/Alerts set to high to ensure that Siri can be heard when you ask questions. Answer: Tell Siri to "Turn up your volume" and then alter the volume using your slider.

·    Trouble: When connected to an outlet, the word or phrase you choose sounds like static, such as a broken radio transmission or another disturbance. Answer:Update iOS to the latest version that the device can handle.


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