11 Best Audio to Text Converter [Free & Paid]

11 Best Audio to Text Converter [Free & Paid]

 It is matter of facts that text files are still the most reliable source of information. Does not matter, which field or area you belong or represent, every data is secured in the form of text. But it is absolutely not recommended to sit hours and transcribe your audio files to the text from. For this we have tons of outstanding audio to text converters that are free as well as paid. These tools are also extremely beneficial for students where they can record the class lectures and convert to the texts.

Audio to Text Converter

The ongoing pandemic create the opportunity for audio to text converter developers to convert this misfortune to the big business opportunity. Developers are trying to provide better services to the users and users getting the true services. In this way, we listed the 11 best audio to text converter (free & paid), you can choose according to your requirements. These tools supports Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Androids and also supports all types of audio file format.

1. Sonix

Sonix is the most advanced and online SaaS Audio to text converter that allow users to covert audio as well as videos. This is more than just a converter, Sonix is well established company in San Francisco (California). What you have to do, just upload the required file (audio & video) and let Sonix to automatic transcribe the file. Sonix considered as the best audio to text converter as it supports the all types of files and supports secured SSL encryption for all files.

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Whether you are converting audio files or video files to text, Sonix is completely free but only for 30 minutes of conversion. If your file go beyond the 30minutes, then you have to pay $10/hour or $22/user along with $5/hour. Users can also play any part of the audio/video file while converting resuming. Furthermore, you can generate separate text file for the timestamp or captions.

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2. Virtual Speech

Virtual speech is an amazing audio to text converter that is incredibly simple to use. Just upload any of your audio file irrespective to the format, enter your email id and click on submit. Please enter the correct email other you will lost your text file, Virtual speech deliver your audio file on your email with downloading link and you can easily down from there. Although, Virtual speech is free to use for any files but only limited to 60s and after that it cost you fee per minute.

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However, this is the minimal fee to endeavor the software fee and it won’t put much load on your pocket. After 60s, Virtual speech cost you $0.5 per minute, however the complete cost of a file is described on spot when to click on submit button. The cost of per minute is not much as per the quality it offers. Also your all the files are completely secured as its server does not store any data.

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3. Happyscribe

Happyscribe is a freemium Audio to text converter, comes with 10 minutes free trial. The best part is that Happyscribe can transcribe more that 120 languages and accents and this feature make it one of the best audio to text converter. Once you cross the free trail minutes, you are charged with the standard rate of 0.20 euros per minute or $0.23 per minutes. Your converted file is composed in the form of google docs, so make sure that you are familiar with google docs. Students can also easily transcribe their class lectures or video lectures, moreover, Happyscribe offers 25% discounts to the students.

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4. MyVoice2text

Myvoice2text is an online audio to text converter. It is considered as one of the fastest online converter with simple user interface. You even do not need to upload any file to get results, just record your voice on the website itself by clicking on Start Recording button. Once you make enough recording then click on pause button and let it transcribe. If you are worry where will your file go, then just wait, you even do not need to download any file. Your converted text file shown just below where you performed your recording. Copy your converted text and save anywhere you want. This free audio to text converter lets you record as many times as you want, just record and pause.

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5. Amberscript

Amberscript is paid audio to text converter but better known as mp3 converter and for accuracy. You can transcribe both audio as well as video files to text in 39 languages. This paid tool comes with free trail, so you can decide whether this tool is perfect for you or not. When comes to the pricing, Amberscript has 3 subscription plan including one prepaid plan.

The prepaid plan offers $10 per hour, 2nd subscription plan charge $32 per month with 5 hour per month of transcription, while 3rd plan is manual transcription with maximum accuracy and cost $1.2 per minute. To perform conversion, upload our mp3 file, and get your resulted file, you can edit your transcript, and finally export to any of file format.

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6. Dragon Speech

Dragon speech is most advanced transcription tool which is acquired by global leading organization and this is our favorite audio to text converter. But we positioned it at 6th place due to cost levied by dragon speech on users. It is a reversible Transcription Software that convert audio to text as well as text to audio, means two jobs done with single subscription. Even dragon speech compatible with all window software/application, just upload your file and let it convert and download your results.

Dragon Speech is an expensive but best audio to text convert, usually comes with 3 plans namely; Dragon Home, Dragon Professional, Dragon Legal which cost $200, $500, $500 respectively. The price of the software varies according to the feature offered. We have given the link below, you can check them out if it suits you. However, if you want a basic audio to text converter, then we would not recommend it to you.

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7. Rev

Rev is the best audio to text converters for professionals and also perfect for interviews, content marketing, video production, and academic research. But Rev supports only English language files whether audios or videos. It is a straightforward tool that need to perform only file uploading task. When talking about the pricing, you have to pay $1.25 per minute irrespective to the file length and no other hidden cost. Take note that, Rev is a manual transcription software to maintain high accuracy and it might bit longer time to get your file ready.

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8. Bear file converters

Bear file converter is not user interactive tool but it completely free online audio to text converter. You can also drop the URL of your audio location and bear file convert it to the text. This free tool also comes with some limitations, you can not upload file more than 3MB and there is no paid option to extend it. Additionally, it may take bit longer time to make conversion comparatively. If you need tool for basic purpose then it is decent to utilize as it is free.

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9. Inqscribe

Inqscribe is high professional audio converter for windows and Mac users. You can transcribe only the files available on your device means you can not record on he tool itself. If you are looking for a tool to generate movies subtitles then this is the best audio to text converter. Remember, Inqscribe is not a dedicated audio converter but it offers manual transcription. It offers 14 days free trial then you need to buy a subscription to continue only if it suits you. It offer full license for lifetime at $99.

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10. Audext

Audext as name suggest, is an excellent audio to text converter which works online and offers freemium services. Whether you are school student, or any professional, Audext provide accurate and secure way of transcription. This application is extremely useful for students where students can record their lectures and drop file to Audext. The pricing is bit intricate to understand, it has two modes of pricing; Classic and Subscription. If you go for Classic plan, you have to pay for $12 in each hour and no other extra charge levied. While the Subscribe plan cost $30 per month plus $5 each hour. The plan you choose is completely depends on your usage requirements.

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11. Any Conv

Any Conv is free recommended audio to text converter and the simplest form of any converter available till date. This ready go tool do not need any expertise, what you need to do is select your file from device, drop to the server, and click on convert button. It will automatically convert your file to text and later you can download it. Any Conv is supports Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android as well as all types of file extensions up to 100MB. To make the transcription easy and secure, Any Conv deleted all the uploaded file after 1 hour from its sever.

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Final Words

These are the most recommended audio converters that let you done your task in few clicks. What is the most matters while you are converting an audio file to text is the level of accuracy and the time you save. All the listed audio to text converters are tried by us before inscribed in this articles. We included both free and paid audio to text converters, use according to your requirements & preferences. However, we recommend to use only free tools if you are doing your daily basic work or converting relatively very small files. Professionals or the users who demand high accuracy, they can go for paid services that too if it is case of urgency. Otherwise, the free tools are enough to deliver good results and save your time and every penny.

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