How to Use Microsoft Account Without Password

How to Use Microsoft Account Without Password

 Do you also want to know how to use Microsoft account without password? Okay, you are not the only one, millions of active Microsoft's user want to do the same as it makes it extremely easy to get access to your daily tasks. Also, You can get rid of periodic pop up notifications to save your password or so on. Microsoft rolled out a feature in 2019 through which you can use Microsoft account without password. As the world become more digital, we get control over all the technology.

Use Microsoft Account Without Password

 There are loopholes but there are also way to fill them. Microsoft as a leading organization across the globe making its services convenient and secure for its users. In this article we are going to understand all the details regarding how to switch to password less Microsoft accounts.

Should I use Microsoft account without password

However, your Microsoft account holds very important files/information, so you might be afraid to remove your password. But we assure you that you don't have to worry about this. We are mentioning here a safe way to use Microsoft account without password. Moreover, you can use a password manager to get out of perplexed situations. But today we are discussing more easy and secure way to use Microsoft account without password.

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How to use Microsoft account without password

In the very first step, go to your play store or app store to download Microsoft Authenticator App. You need to sign in to the authenticator app using Microsoft account credentials. Once done, head to the Microsoft account and follow the below steps carefully. Remember, you should have the latest updated Microsoft or system settings otherwise, you may not be able to switch to a passwordless Microsoft account.

Switch to password less Microsoft account

  • Go to the Microsoft account homepage & heads to the top bar
  • You will find Security section, click on that

  • Various security options appears, head to the Advanced security options and click on bottom 'get started'

  • Inside additional security, scroll down for Password less account, you will find it on your right hand
  • It is turned off initially, click Turn on button

  • A pop up message appears on your screen with an introduction to the passwordless account. It asks you to click on Next button
  • Once you click on Next, you will receive an Approval request on your Microsoft Authenticator account to switch to the passwordless account

  • Open Microsoft authenticator app, you have a pop up message, click on Approve button
  • If you change your mind, you can also click on Deny to stay in Microsoft with password account

It's done. Now you can use Microsoft without password, no need to sign or enter password.

Can I reverse the Password removing process

Yes. You can again use password sign in system on your Microsoft account if you are not comfort with Microsoft without password. Follow the below steps to again put password on your account:

  • Go back again to the Additional security options in Microsoft account as mentioned above
  • Turn off the password-less account option and click on next
  • Follow the prompt messages to create the password on Microsoft account
  • Now your all services are secured with Microsoft password as earlier

Are all Microsoft services support Password-less Account

No. When you use Microsoft account without password then some of the services automatically excluded from the list. We listed the services which are not support it. Please check the list below if you are a regular user of them:

  • Xbox 360
  • Office 2010 or earlier
  • Windows 8.1, Windows 7, or earlier
  • Remote desktop and credential manager features
  • Some of the command lines
  • Product and services which use POP email services
  • Services that use IMAP

Will unlisted services support Microsoft password-less in Future

Yes. Microsoft recently announced that all the services of Microsoft which is currently excluded from password-less feature, will included soon. Even Microsoft announced they are enhancing the password-less feature and making it more secure and convenient.

Is Password less Microsoft account safe

Yes, it is completely safe to use because it run through the Microsoft Authenticator App. You are not going to remove your password completely but doing this through the app in easy way. Already Microsoft has Hello, SMS, Email code, etc. services that are password less. So, nothing to worry.


The benefits of password less authentication are very clear. Almost every internet/digital service required a password to perform task. It is almost impossible to remember every password. Though, having a password create a secure environment but it is irritating too. We do not want to put password every time or when we forget it, this makes situations worse. Additionally, With password less we can easily access our account remotely and quick too. In this way, password less authentication is superb tool to use which make entry fast as well as secure. We hope you are well understand how to use Microsoft account without password.

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