How to Blur Background in zoom Application

How to Blur Background in zoom App

On Covid days we are working from home at the time we use mainly zoom applications but the background is not blurred. So I had found a way to blur the background of the zoom video call. It's a simple way to do it. Simply follow my steps to do it. It's is a new update by zoom application. 

Blur Background in zoom Application

It was a New good feature provided by the zoom application. My article will show you how simply background can blur Using certain software. This background blurring option is not available on android devices. This trick will work on android and ios.

Enable Blur effect In Zoom

  • After updating the zoom application
  • Click on the Cogwheel icon at the top right corner of the main Zoom window
  • Click on the backgrounds and filter tab
  • Click on blur Option 'Virtual background'
  •  This Option will blur your background and will be your face highlighted in zoom video calls
  • This trick Will Work In Android and IOS