How to Record Video While Playing Music on iPhone & Android

How to Record Video While Playing Music on iPhone & Android

How to Record Video While Playing Music on iPhone & Android 

You can record video using your Android or iPhone with the music you choose playing in the background. You might also want to use music from SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and YouTube simultaneously while you record the beautiful places you've visited, important events, or celebrations.

Android and iPhone automatically stop playing music when you attempt to record video while playing music by default.

What if you want to record video and play music simultaneously? Or, play music while you record a video?

We are happy to share the – Record Video while Playing Music (For Android) and Together: Record Video with Music (For iPhone). These apps allow you to record videos and listen in the background.

How to record video while listening to music on iPhone and Android

Play the music you like while recording video on your iPhone or Android device. Open the Together app to record video while playing music (for Android) and record video with music (for iPhone). Just tap the shutter icon to start recording your precious moments. You can also pause, stop or rewind the music or play it.

Together for Android and Together for iPhone

How to record video while listening to music on Android

·    Get the Together App from the Google Play Store for your Android device.

·    Start your music app to start playing the song you are interested in.

·    To start recording, open the Together app by tapping on the icon for the video camera.

·    By tapping on the Settings icon, you can adjust the video quality, bitrate, and frame rate.

·    To stop recording, tap the same camera icon after you are done.

·    The app will automatically save the video to your device.

·    Tap on the Folder icon at the top-right corner of your screen to find the recorded video.

·    The recorded video from your phone storage will be located under the "Together" folder.

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How to record video while listening to music on an iPhone

·    Install Record video with music app for your iPhone.

·    Open the music app to play any music you like while recording.

·    Launch Record video with the music app.

·    You can adjust the video quality bit rate, and frame rate.

·    Tap the camera icon to start recording.

·    To stop it, the last tap on the same icon.

·    Recorded videos can be found under the Together folder.

Another way to record video while you play music is on iPhone & Android

·    Open Snapchat and press the "capture" button as long as the video is recorded. The music will play in the background while the video is being recorded.

·    You can record it if you cannot hold the button down for too long.

·    Snapchat video can be recorded without pressing the "capture" button continuously. This feature is only available on iOS using "Assistive touch".

·    How can you do it?

o  Open Snapchat's Settings, go to General > Accessibility, and choose Assistive Touch.

o  Press on Create New Gesture.

o  You can press the screen to move your hands in a circular motion or any other shape.

o  Click on the Save button to give this gesture a name.

o  Press the Assistive Touch button. Next, enter the name of your new gesture video.

o  The screen will display a circular icon. Drag and drop the icon onto the capture button at the bottom.

o  The background music is playing, and the video begins recording automatically.

o  The video will be recorded until the time you have given for the gesture to be completed.

o  Click on the Save button after you have recorded the video.


·    With the Together app, you can now record videos and play music on your Android or iPhone. We are happy to answer any questions in the comments section.

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